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NI 4X4 Response Network

40 Maryville Park


Co Down BT20 3RJ

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ian Culbert 07802 660550 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Barry Dalzell 078 3164 7682 


Northwest Co-ordinator

To follow

Western Co-ordinator

To follow

Sponsorship opportunities

Contact Ian or Barry

About NI 4x4 Response Network

The NI 4X4 Response Network has been set up to provide a pool of 4X4 vehicles and drivers to assist the emergency services and community in times of adverse weather and disaster. Working alongside the Red Cross we form a part of Northern Ireland’s contingency planning.

Membership is welcomed from all areas of Northern Ireland and all types of 4X4 along with all driver capabilities. Full training will be provided and Members and their vehicles are catorgorised to ensure that Members and vehicles are only tasked to those duties within their capabilities.

 Duties can range from transporting health service and Red Cross personnel in times of adverse weather to transporting NI Fire and Rescue personnel and equipment to inaccessible areas such as areas of gorse or forest fire.

 All Members are covered by third party liability insurance whilst on calls provided by the Red Cross. Members will be re-imbursed for mileage and out of pocket expenses whilst on calls along with other benefits currently being negotiated.

We don’t ask for any commitment other than to be contactable when an incident occurs. If Members are not available, there is no pressure to respond. 

We can also make our vehicles for non emergency tasks for which we will make a small charge towards the running cost of the NI 4X4 Response Network.

Join Us

Do you have a 4x4 vehicle that you would like to make available in times of emergency or adverse weather to assist your community?

Volunteers required throughout Northern Ireland.

All types of 4X4 vehicle considered.

Sign up today

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